Eye Care Services

We offer a wide range of services to address diverse eye care needs.


Striving To Cover All Your Eye Care Needs

Our commitment is unwavering: to illuminate lives by safeguarding the gift of sight. We strive tirelessly to deliver exceptional eye care that extends beyond diagnoses and prescriptions. We believe in fostering a culture where expertise meets empathy, where cutting-edge technology blends seamlessly with compassionate care.


An A-Scan Ultrasound

An A-scan ultrasound, or A-scan test, is a diagnostic procedure used to measure the length of the eye and assess the dimensions of ocular structures, particularly the anterior chamber depth and axial length. This non-invasive test provides valuable information for the evaluation of various eye [...]


Eye Pressure Test

Eye pressure, also known as intraocular pressure (IOP), refers to the fluid pressure inside the eye, exerted by the aqueous humor—the clear fluid that fills the anterior chamber of the eye. Maintaining appropriate intraocular pressure is crucial for the health and function of the eye, [...]


Diabetic Retinopathy Clinic

Diabetic Retinopathy Clinic at Davik Eye Clinic: Protecting Vision, Managing Diabetes Our Diabetic Retinopathy Clinic at Davik Eye Clinic is dedicated to providing specialized care and comprehensive management for individuals with diabetes-related eye complications. Diabetic retinopathy is a serious condition that affects the retina, the [...]


Geriatric Eye Care

Geriatric Eye Care at Davik Eye Clinic: Preserving Vision, Enhancing Quality of Life As we age, our eyes undergo changes that can affect vision and overall eye health. At Davik Eye Clinic, we recognize the unique needs of older adults and are dedicated to providing [...]


Pediatric Eye Care

Pediatric Eye Care at Davik Eye Clinic: Nurturing Young Eyes, Ensuring Bright Futures At Davik Eye Clinic, we understand the vital role that clear vision plays in your child's overall development and academic success. That's why we're dedicated to providing specialized pediatric eye care services [...]